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How technology affect parenting

is parenting easier with technology?

A general outcry has been circulating around recently, parents are complaining about how difficult parenting is with the recent rise of technological inventions and gadgets. The validity of this complains is in questions, and one ought to decide on his or her own, whether technology is beneficial or detrimental to parenting. It is said that technology makes work easier , whether it makes parenting easier remains to be the big question and if yes , how? Some people would argue that technology eases parenting, since kids get enlightened by all the information easily available on the internet but an even bigger number would argue that, technology creates a barrier between parents and their kids . This is notably evident in todays society in that a kid and their parents might be in the same room and yet not even interact in any way leave alone holding a conversation, because the kid would be stuck to their tablets playing games while the later would be glued to their laptop working on a task , they did not complete in the office. This makes kids and their parents grow far apart creating a deep abyss between them of hollow and vague experience of love and care , this further culminates into ruined parent-child relationship.

Those parents who care about their kid have continually cried for help from pychlogistics who deal with parenting therapy, because of how difficult it is to control kids and their gadget. One of the key concerns about kids and their technological gadgets is screen time, it is said that some kids overspend watching and this has raised medical issues. The main question here is , "how much is too much?.Since to little screen time deprives children of their entertainment and to much screen time may result into medical challenges such as: poor sleep patterns and high risk of cardiovascular diseases characterized by high blood pressure, obesity, low HDL cholesterol and poor stress management. All of this due to something we can prevent.This was researched by the pew research center in 2014.

The American academy of pediatricians suggested the best screen time that cut across all the ages .It helped parents make informed judgement on how much screen time to allow their kid(s).They suggested the following hours daily

0hrs - kids below 2yrs

1hr- kids between 2 yrs - 12 yrs

2hrs- teens and adults

These according to the American academy of pediatricians are the best amount of screen time for the different age brackets. They also noted that it can prove utterly difficult to regulate the screen time of kids without causing a fuss , but thanks to technological advances one can regulate the kids screen time remotely by linking the kids devices to the parents devices using their google account and using parental controls.

The other challenge that parents highlight is the amount of vulgar and inappropriate content that their kids are exposed to from a young age on the internet ,but this can also be controlled using the parental controls that enable a parent to regulate the content their kids are exposed to by enabling age filters ,this is made possible by the google family link app which allows parents to remotely have access to their kids gadgets ,set their screen time limit,filter the content and better understand how their kids spend their time online and the websites they visit.

So ,whats your take on parenting and technology?

Content created and supplied by: Johnkarl (via Opera News )


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