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KUPPET: Teachers To Get A 'Squirrel' From TSC

KUPPET Secretary general Akello Missori During an interview at KBC on Monday evening.

Teachers service commission had promised a CBA to cover 2021/2025 pay review that would have benefitted classroom teachers.

However, a move by salaries and remuneration commission that froze pay rise by two years killed the hopes of teachers of ever getting an increment.

The freeze saw TSC craft a non monetary CBA that infuriated the unions leading to a stalmate.

The commission however said that the talks were fruitful and now, eyes are on the next round of talks that are aimed at forestalling a full blown crisis in the sector at a time when the ministry is trying to steady the calendar.

The unions are optimistic that TSC will eventually table something monetary to appease the teachers.

Speaking at KBC channel Monday evening, KUPPET secretary general Akello Missori said that even if the commission doesn't give whatever the unions asked for, at least something small should be there for teachers.

"As a good hunter, if I am given a squirrel I will take it so that tommorow I go for a gazelle and then later on a bigger thing" said Missori.

Missori faulted SRC for freezing pay rise for two years at time when the economy is expanding at an anticipated growth rate of 6% per year.

He added that teachers are facing difficult times following the increment of commodities' prices which has weakened their purchasing power.

According to Missori, the offer by TSC to increase maternity and paternity leaves don't qualify as CBA and instead it's just an administrative action.

Teachers will be waiting with bated breath as the unions and TSC engage in talks so as to further the good industrial relationship that has been existing.

Do you think the teachers deserve a squirrel? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.

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