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4 things to do if you want your man to miss you.

1 Avoid texting them . Stop being in contact by either texting or calling all the time . Your man will definitely be worried when you aren't talking and this will make him miss you.

2 Have fun when you are together. Going out and doing fun activities when you are together like hiking or camping will leave him thinking about you . He will definitely want to spend more time with you hence missing you when you are not around.

3 spend some time to yourself. Staying away from someone you love can be difficult. You should not be available all the time whenever he wants you , this will make him miss you and want you more.

4 leave him something to remember you with . Giving your man something that belongs to you to keep and hold on as a memory can be very precious. It can be your clothe or any person belonging , whenever they look at it they will definitely be thinking about you.

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