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List of Four Mount Kenya Governor's Who Pledges to Mobilize The Region Behind Raila Odinga

Four governors from Mount Kenya have committed to mobilize the region behind ODM leader Raila Odinga in the run-up to next year's general election.

Lee Kinyanjui, Francis Kimemia, James Nyoro, and Nderitu Muriithi are the governors.

The governors said in a statement on Monday that their meeting with Raila will be followed by a series of subsequent consultative sessions across the area, culminating in a proclamation.

The governors discussed, among other things, developing local economic prospects, expansion of the economy backed by good institutions, and cushioning SMEs, according to a statement read by Muriithi on the former Prime Minister's two-day visit to the region.

They also talked on young empowerment measures and security, particularly the importance of respect for life and property.

Raila, for his part, stated that this was part of a national discourse in which he was able to identify problems impacting various sections of the country and develop plans to solve the difficulties.

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