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End Of Russo- Ukranian War As Thousands Of Russian Soldiers Refuse To Fight

Russian soldiers have revealed that they have refused to follow orders after being sent to fight in Ukraine. In the video, which has gone viral, an unnamed Russian soldier stands in front of a group of soldiers and says they refuse to fight because of the losses their platoon has suffered.

The soldier said he was trained in the territorial defense brigade in the Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine and was stationed in the city of Shebekino until March 2.

His weapons were then sent to Donetsk, but he was not ordered to join the assault brigade of the self- proclaimed Donetsk People' s Republic militia.

Ukrainian military service artillery division fired empty shells at the Russian position at the foot of Bagmut. In several videos, Russian troops mobilized in Ukraine complained about poor training and lack of command.

He said troops were deployed without orders or explanations and had to attack villages without reconnaissance, communications, or even maps.

The soldier, who described himself as a senior lieutenant, said that he and his comrades did not give up on their goal and that they were not only in the service of the Donetsk militia but only part of the Russian armed forces.

The video, which appeared in independent Russian media, had more than 490, 000 views as of Saturday morning. Our trusted sources cannot independently verify the person' s identity.

Since President Vladimir Putin launched his full- scale invasion a year ago, several videos have been shared of Russian troops complaining about poor training, inadequate equipment, and sometimes a lack of necessary orders.

More clips emerged after Putin ordered partial mobilization in September, followed by many jokes about Russia' s vulnerable preparations.

Last month, conscripts from the 1439th regiment from the Irkutsk region made a video appeal to the president, saying they were being sent to be killed after being deployed under Russian- backed separatists in Donetsk.

Earlier this month, conscripts from Russia' s Orenburg region protested being sent to the front lines as cannon fodder for the armed forces of the Donetsk People' s Republic.

In a clip directed at Putin, one of the men said his colleagues lacked the skills to engage in attacks and lacked artillery, communications, and reconnaissance support.

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