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A Nurse And An Intern Doctor Suspended For Having Intimacy In The Ward.

An intern doctor and a nurse has been suspended immediately after being found making love in an hospital ward. 

According to ,the patients in the ward had enough of duo's action which led them raise concern about the incident to the hospital management. During a meeting wit health workers, Kailua District Commissioner Paul Chacha suspended the staff and handed each their charges. Chacha further said a disciplinary team had been formed to deeply investigate the matter.

The incident occurred in an hospital in Tabora, Tanzania where the trainee doctor is accused of having intimate moments with a nurse in the ward. It's not yet established whether the two are lovers or not, then if so they were doing the right thing at the wrong place and the wrong time.

The two forgot their role in the ward of making the lives of the patients better in terms of medication which was medical legal issue and they should be answerable for that.

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