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One Kenya Alliance Dealt a Blow After Mwalimu Dida Surfaces With This Worrying Message Ahead of 2022

One Kenya Alliance principals have today held a meeting in Nairobi.During the meeting the following core principals were present, Musalia Mudavadi of ANC party,Moses Masika Wetangula of FORD Kenya party, Kalonzo Musyoka of wiper party and Gideon Moi of KANU party.The alliance garnered victory in the just concluded by-election.

ANC won in Matungu,FORD Kenya won in Kabuchai and Wiper party won in the Machakos mini polls.The alliance have opened the window for any politician who is willing to join the alliance.

Mwalimu Dida Kinuthia has dealt a blow to Musalia Mudavadi.According to him,the ANC party leader has supported the move by the government in banning the Sputnik vaccines.He has requested Musalia Mudavadi if he will have inclusion in the next government.He has warned him that,this group will automatically become his loudspeaker.

Mwalimu Dida Kinuthia said"speaking against SPUTNIK V vaccine. Promise any of these people inclusion in the next government and they will automatically become your loudspeaker.How can a handful of not-so-smart individuals hold a whole country of 48 million people hostage?"

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