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Water Shortage Hits Bungoma, Webuye Towns As Nzowasco owes KPLC Sh14 Million

Water crisis has hit Bungoma and Webuye towns for the last one week after Kenya Power and Lightining Company disconnected power over huge accrued debt.

Residents of the two major towns are grappling with shortage of water which is supplied by Nzoia Water and Sewerage Company (Nzowasco).

Alfred Kisiang'ani, a hotel owner in Bungoma town said that the water shortage has dealt a huge loss as they have to acquire the essential commodity from vendors who are selling a 20 litre jerrycan at Sh20.

"Let Nzowasco settle the debt and allow us get water, at the end of the month they will bill us expeesively yet we haven't received water for over a week," he said.

Kisiang'ani stated that lack of clean water for use is likely to cause watet born diseases because they are not sure of water from vendors because they are likely contaminated.

The water firm Managing Director Mathew Maruti stated that KPLC officers disconnected power at Matisi treatment plant over a week ago leading to the major shortage.

He pointed out that once the arrears amounting to Sh5 million is settled today or tomorrow water will be restored.

"We have already received payment amounting to Sh2.4 million from Kenya police and we hope that other government institutions and individuals will settle their bills on time to enable us deposit money to KPLC accounts on time," he said.

Maruti blamed Covid-19 pandemic for the slow remittance of bills by institutions and individuals because it has totally ruined the economy.

"The delay or total refusal to settle their bills has totally paralyzed the company and makes it difficult for us also to settle other debts for example to KPLC," he said.

The MD said that the disconnection was occassioned by the huge debt they owe KPLC.

"We were owing KPLC Sh20 million in arrears but we managed to pay Sh6 million last month, the remaining cash will be settled in installments and we hope to get them between Sh4 to Sh5 million today or on Tuesday," said Maruti.

His sentiments were echoed by Nzowasco board Chairperson Rebecca Masibayi who stated that indeed they owe KPLC Sh14 million.

She noted that someone might be sabitaging the organisation by cutting power before end.

Ms Masibayi pointed out that the shortage of water was as a result of disconnection of power at Matisi and Nabuyole treatment plants.

"KPLC should not be timing towards the end of the month when people and organizations have no funds to cut power, they should be humane enough and wait until when the cash is available," she complained.

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