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Eric Omondi Arrested Again While Preparing to Distribute Free Unga To Kenyans

Controversial and trending Kenyan comedian, Eric Omondi has again been arrested today as he was distributing free unga packet to Kenyans for free at Kasarani stadium.

The comedian had earlier on revealed to his fans that he was going to be giving netizens one packet of 2kg cooking maize meal and if anyone was allowed to donate a packet if he had many to the needy ones.

It turns out the plan didn't go as planned because just in before people started arriving the comedian was already dragged out by the authorities and taken to custody.

As we all know, the comedian is facing other charges after he was captured leading a congregation to a strike crying for high cost of living.

Kenyans were left wondering how could someone be arrested for trying to help the poor. And others saying it's a move from the the opposition party.

"How can they arrest an innocent man trying to help. Hii serikali aki", one person wrote.

"Na sasa izo unga zitaenda wapi", another questioned.

"Tunataka watu kama Eric hii Kenya. Heko kwake", last on my list stated.

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