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Revealed: Why KDF Soldiers Wear Combat Uniforms Made of Many Colours

Kenya Defence Forces are the armed forces of Kenya. Their role and responsibility in protecting and defending the country cannot be underestimated. As part of their code of conduct, these military forces wear certain uniforms with certain characteristics. These uniform characteristics are meant for specific purposes.

Apart from identification with fellow soldiers in the military, the combat uniforms of the Kenya Defence Forces is meant to offer protection in war circumstances. The combat uniform is specially designed with variety of colours to help the soldiers in camouflage. A typical combat uniform for a soldier at the Kenya Defence Forces always have colours such as grey, dark grey, creamy or whitish, Green and a little bit of black. The shoes are also Brown in most cases. These colours are known to blend very well with rocky and desert war environments. Shouting colours are never accepted in the military.

These colours are meant to help the soldier blend very well with the surrounding environment so that it becomes hard for the enemy to spot where the forces are. Variety of colours in the KDF combat uniforms is part of a targeted military camouflage. Military camouflage involves application of colour and material to military uniforms and equipments of all kinds to deter observation by rival military forces.

Apart from the uniform, other military materials that are often camouflaged include battle tanks, fighter jets, vehicles, ships and guns in most cases. Visual deception or camouflage in other words was robustly developed during the first world war when the idea of hiding became an integral part of military operations. Military uniforms and equipment one designed with different colours that would blend with the surrounding environment, so that enemy fighter jets flying thousands of feet above the surface of the earth would not easily see their targets, thus improving the safety of the ground forces.

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