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France Impose New Covid-19 Restrictions

France will impose new coronavirus restrictions in 16 regions, including the greater Paris and Nice areas, the country's prime minister has announced in an attempt to contain a surge of Covid-19 sweeping the country,as per CNN.

Macron instead should encourage that people do the opposite of whatever is in the restrictions, because then the French people would do the opposite of whatever he says -Aleckie.Maybe stop halting and restarting and attacking then praising the AstraZeneca Vaccine and get it in peoples arms quickly-JM.

They must slam the borders shut ASAP firstly, not rely on the vaccine and retain social distancing, masks, etc. Problem is density of the population as per Lope.

European politicians have proven to be incompetent at stopping the spread of Covid. It would be better for Europe to follow the laissez-faire model of Sweden in managing this pandemic,OR.

Border control has numerous benefits as seen in Australia-DVT.

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