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How to know if a girl likes you but she is afraid to make the first move.

1. Wants to know more about your family

If a woman is interested in you, she will without a doubt want to know more about your family . This is important to her because despite your personal relationship with your partner, family will always play a great role In whether your relationship will continue or not because you will obviously be one of them.

2 wants to join your circle of friends

If you notice a woman trying to cozy up to your friend group, she definitely has some interest in you. She can use her closeness to your friends to get more information about you, as well as access. If she becomes part of that friend group, she’ll be more likely to see you often and interact with you.

3 she pays undivided attention to you.

A woman who loves you will always enjoy the time she spends with you and this means putting all the things that will destruct her away. She will tend to listen attentively to what you say Maintaining eye contact and answer appropriately.

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