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Zora: Sombre Mood at Oliver's House as Another Person Sucumbs to a Deadly Fight

The episode began when the family got the information that Oliver's body had been found dumped inside an incomplete building. Loretta is heard mourning his dead brother amidst murmurs about the person who could have possibly killed him.

However, she met Nana at the construction site when his brother's body was being carried away. She wanted to kill her because she suspected her to have been the cause of Oliver's death. The crowd that was at the site rescued Nana from angry Loretta who wanted to see Nana dead just like her brother.

Moreover, she got home while still in a sobbing mood. She cries as she mentioned the name of Oliver who had left her without any relative around. She met Zalena in the sitting room also mourning the death of her husband. She goes straight and pushed her and she hit the wall very hard that she couldn't be able to take again because she remained unconscious.

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