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Long Waited Closing Day By High School Students

Most high school students from form one to form three in Kenya have closed today. This shows the great smile on their face after a great challenge behind Covid-19 pandemic.

When Cabinet Secretary of education announced that the schools are opened many many parents resisted to let their children out of their homes due to the fear of Covid-19 pandemic. But God is faithful enough such that students are now back at home with a lot of happiness.

Most teachers also so it being a big challenge to teach the students because of the fear of this disease. Though it was a big challenge but finally they made it because God could not let His loved ones to die.

The schools will be opening from May 13 2021, this is a grace period for the rest and revise at their homes. Also we can't forget that our candidates have their final exams. May all candidates have humble time at this time since they have been left a lone in their various schools.

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