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4 Simple maintenance to your car that makes it last longer

1.Washing your car regularly

You should wash your car with salt free water.This helps to clean away contaminants that causes corrosion.During winter,you should wash your car on daily basis in order to remove salts on the underside that catalyses rust. 

2.Avoid overloading your car

Do not force your car to carry more than it should.This is most common when you go out with your family and you got stuffs to package.Overloading your car wears out the brake shoes easily since you strain your car to a halt when it is heavy.

3.Avoid driving your car immediately after start up

When starting up your car engine in the morning,you should allow it to roar for sometime.Driving immediately after start up increases the friction between tightly packed engine components and makes them to wear out faster.

4.Renewing engine oil regularly

You should renew your engine oil regularly and you should not delay.New oil still has high viscosity and lubricates engine components effectively.

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