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Road Accident

HAPPENING NOW: Nasty Traffic Jam From Blue Post After Trailer Accident Blocks Highway

Accidents on the Kenyan roads have been on the rise in the recent past with the government urging motorists to always be careful to avoid such scenes.

Picture courtesy. Image from the scene of the accident.

Recklessness as well as non compliance to traffic rules have been the main causes of accidents on the roads as per the data from the National Transport and Safety Authority.

Many lives have been lost as a result of the accidents while millions of shillings worth of property has also been destroyed in the aftermath.

This morning, according to the available reliable reports that we have with us from Blue Post Hotel that is found in Thika Town, there has been a nasty accident that is blocking the main road.

The accident is said to have involved a trailer that overturned on the busy road leading to the traffic jam that is backed up for miles on the busy road.

Picture courtesy. Image from the scene of the accident at Blue Post Hotel in Thika.

The cause of the accident is unknown but police are on the scene and operations to retrieve the head of the trailer is underway as it fell into the river underneath the bridge.

It's unclear as to the number of casualties in the accident that happened moments ago this morning on the busy road.

The traffic is said to be backed up all the way to Weteithie with motorists being urged to use an alternative route in the meantime.

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Picture courtesy. Image from the scene of the accident at Blue Post Hotel in Thika.

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