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Ali Hassan Joho Dealt another blow as warrant of arrest is issued against him due to the following

Mombasa County Chief boss Ali Hassan Joho has once again hit by another major blow after an arrest warrant was issued against him by Mombasa county police commander Stephen Matu for failling to pay Ksh250,000 fine.

Governor Joho had been taken to court where he was found guilty for overseeing demolation of private property, he was then orderd to pay the fine of Ksh250,000 or face 60 days imprisonment an order wich he has not complied with up to date.

In a case wich was filed by businessman Ashok Doshi in 2019 at the Enviroment and Land court, the complainant alleged that his plot was raided by Mombasa county officers on February 2, 2019 resulting into chaos and damage.

The businessman was issued with an injunction that blocked the Mombasa county officers against accessing the plot, however the Mombasa chief boss defied the court order and stormed the plot on May 10 2019 with more than 100 hired goons and caused more damage.

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