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"Tukutane Kwa Debe Tutafagia" Angry Kenyans React To Dp Ruto's Sentiments On Bottom up Model

Campaign train has already left the station, as political aspirants are busy making various realignments towards 2022 succession race.

A keen to the current campaign situation,there seems to be hard task ahead for the contenders,it will never be business as usual as it is envisagely castigated.

The political paradigm had changed,the narrative song is evolving around the division of classes between the haves and have not (hustlers and the dynasties).

Over the campaign period deputy Ruto has been proclaiming to side by hustlers nation where he predominantly champions his bottom up economic approach to common citizens.

"The priority of the hustlers nation movement is to unite Kenya and design a robust financial framework that will create job and expand enterprises..."

However this seemed not to have been concurrently digested by some individuals who felt that this is not realistic as reinstated by deputy president.

Instead they procrastinated there is need to wipe all these shenanigans and induce fresh bloods into the system."tukutane Kwa debe tutafagia Wote..."

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