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7 Signs A Girl Loves You But She Is Playing Hard To Get.

2. You continue to run into her: 

The young lady will ensure that she goes to the spots she could run into you unintentionally. Whenever you run into her, you will see that she is continually putting forth a valiant effort to look incredible, and flawless. She will consistently like to see you and have a little talk with you. 

1. She never gives you an immediate reaction: 

On the off chance that you express your affections for her, she won't ever offer you an unmistakable response. The young lady is as yet not prepared to concede her sentiments, and yet, she will not need you to leave her. 

6. The young lady sets aside the effort to introduce herself: 

The young lady will invest more energy in hair, and cosmetics. She dislikes to look awful or seem ugly. She puts forth a valiant effort to put her best self forward when she is around you. 

7. She denies your assistance: 

A young lady who is putting on a show won't permit you to get things done for her. 

3. She purposefully makes you envious: 

The young lady will enlighten you regarding different folks that are keen on her. She is attempting to tell you that different folks are additionally intrigued by her, and you are by all accounts not the only one that loves her. She won't ever disclose to you that she has a sweetheart, or that she is submitted


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