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Two Famous Female Celebrities in East Africa, Who Found True Love after A Heartbreak in 2018

Love can sometimes hurt and also sometimes be sweet, that is why we experience heartbreaks and also couples goals, you best person today can be your best enemy tomorrow, and that is how life is.

2018 wasn't a good year for two famous female celebrities in East Africa. These celebrities are Vanessa Mdee from Tanzania and Vera Sidika From Kenya. This is the year that they were heartbroken, am sure they will live to remember that year their entire lifetime.

1.Vanessa Mdee

Vanessa was in a very deep relationship and serving couple goals, with his then boyfriend who was Juma Jux. The two were a perfect match, but things begun to go left in 2018 December, when there were allegations that Jux was cheating on her with a white woman.

It was very painful for Vanessa, and she decided to quit and break up with Jux, she even revealed that she was depressed. But God came through to her and by the end of 2019, Vanessa had found her perfect Match Rotimi. Rotimi showed her that she deserves a real man like him, currently they are the couples to watch, Vanessa is Pregnant and she is being treated like a Queen, Jux on the other hand is regretting for leaving her. Here are photos of Vanessa and Rotimi.

2.Vera Sidika

Vera was deeply inlove with Otile Brown, there relationship begun in 2017 december, they started as best friends before making it to the public that they were dating. This was the best couple in Kenya, because they were both lightskin and they really deserved each other. Otile was even living in Vera Sidika's House and driving her posh cars. But in August 2018, things begun to go south and the two broke up, the exact reason we don't know.

The heartbreak was very painful, which forced both of them to remain single for some months. Then in December 2019, Vera Sidika got the love of his life, though she announced to the public after few months of dating that she is inlove with Brown Mauzo. Mauzo is treating her like a queen, and Vera is currently pregnant, few months she will be giving birth. The two are serving couple goals, and it is evident that they will be together forever.

Things change, so before you leave your ex girlfriend think twice.

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