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English Name for Mutura and how the Business Operates

Mutura is a local name in Kenya which refers to minced meat of either goat or cow which is normally put inside the intestines of a cow or goat.The English name for Mutura is African sausage.Mutura business normally operates well during the evening rush hours when people are coming out from their working places or during the weekends.African sausage is not difficult to prepare since one needs to have a supply of minced meat and intestines from livestock such as a cow.The intestines on average costs Ksh 150 per kilogram.The minced meat is obtained from various parts of the cow or goat and it is fried and put inside the intestines.On a busy evening weekdays,a Mutura vendor will make a profit of about Ksh 2000-Ksh 3000 every week.For instance if the vendor gets 200 customers then if each buy Mutura of Ksh 10,this will make him get Ksh 2000.If you minus the expenses,the vendor will remain with some profits.The delicacy is served with kachumbari according to the customers preference.Please share.

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