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Dj Afro movie translator and a commentator

Over almost fourteen years action movies have been very interesting especially in Kenya and East Africa at large.For those who understands Swahili have had a reason to smile.This is after a famous Kenyan DJ by the name James Muigai(DJ Afro) intervened and started reducing to boredom of movie fans.The man has been play a very vital role in ensuring that his fans enjoys the movie fully.

The man has translated many movies into Swahili language which can be understood by most young Kenyan.In recent interview with one of local television station in Kenya,DJ Afro was reluctant to disclose much about his personal life.However, he was shared with Kenyans what pushed him to start his career that pays him a lot despite many challenges. According to him,he realized that many people in Kenya were straining on the language in the movie,that is the main reason why he decided to start translation and commendation.

However, in his career he has faced a lot of challenges to meet his ends.Stiff competition and piracy being the main ones.

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