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Reasons Why Judges Use A Wooden 'Hammer' In Court And What It's Name Is

Although the use of a hammer is only common in movie scenes where the judge orders a ruly person to maintain order or at the adjournment or conclusion of his judgement, the hammer is quite popular. The use of these wooden hammers aren't used in Kenyan courts.

In this article, I will take you through the actual name, history, what type of wood they are made from and why these hammers are used in courts.


The wooden hammers are known as gavels while the wooden plate that they are usually hit against is known as a sound block. These two are commonly made from hard wood trees like mahogany wood. The reason why they are made from hardwood trees is because, hardwood has a better sounding quality.


Decades ago, the word gavel referred to payment made with something else other than cash. It was also referred to as a tool that was used to maintain order in meetings or to call for attention during a certain meeting.

Uses in Courts:

The gavel and sound block are only used in the courts of law in the United States and in movie scenes. They are not used in Africa or in Commonwealth Nations.

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