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Raila Odinga Given A Reason to Worry as DP William Ruto Sends Out a Message Over Mt Kenya

The political battle is on and 2022 is going to be tough more than Many has anticipated. Hon. Raila Odinga today stormed Naivasha where he was received with huge crowds. Dp William Ruto was in Nanyuki and he bragged stating that he is the say in Mt Kenya.

With Mt. Kenya political tycoons rallying behind Hon. Raila Odinga, DP William Ruto revealed that he won't be left out in 2022 and the battle will be tough. Ruto told the crowd that Raila Odinga was wasting his time and 2022 is just around and he will realize he was the say.

"Atakuwa the 5th president kwake home. Else, akuwe 2nd president of the people's Republic. By the way tell Baba to look for a lie that's somehow realistic. How can he say tht every unemployed Kenyan youth will get 6k monthly? Atatoa hiyo pesa wapi? Hii Kenya yenye dawa pekee hakuna?"

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