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Four Tips To Build A Low Cost House In Kenya

In these harsh economic times,Many Kenyans are looking for several ways to cut building costs.Without compromising on the safety, comfort and beauty here are some few tips that can help you to build a very beautiful house at a low cost.First,find out economical building lots.The cheapest building lots are not always the most economical.Your cost may escalate if your contractor has to excavate, clear away bushes and providing extended drainage.

Secondly,choose simple floor plans.Complex shapes are difficult and also Expensive to construct.To cut the costs,choose a simple rectangular or square floor plans.Also build a small house.A large house can seem to be a bargain when you compare costs per square foot.But if you build a small house it is more affordable and more economical to to maintain.

Thirdly,Use a recycled materials.Recycled building materials are environment friendly and they can help cut and minimize the construction costs.Consider product such as sawdust, bamboo, cement composite and recycled steel.It is also recommendable to shop for products in stores that sell second hand building materials.

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