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End Of War In DRC As M23 Rebels Invites KDF Major General As They Surrender

The notorious rebel group widely known as M23 issued an invitation on March 11 to the Kenya Defense Forces Major General Jeff Nyagah, who is the commander of the East African Community Regional Force (EACRF).

In a letter shared by the group' s political spokesperson, Lawrence Kanyuka on social media, the insurgents want to meet with the EACRF commander, General Nyagah, and hand over the important posts they have controlled for months. The rebels say they are ready to give up about 8 positions they occupy.

" M23 hereby invites the EACRF and the Commander of AD- HOC Verification Mechanism to come and take over the following territories, NKINGI, KAGANO, KARUBA, MUREMURE, NYAMITIMA, KAGANO, KAGANO, KAGANO 3 and its surroundings, " read the letter in part.

The rebels announced a ceasefire in several recent meetings in the region, including in Nairobi, Kenya, under a peace deal. Now that the M23 rebels have handed over the mentioned areas to the military, the civilians living in these areas will no longer be responsible for protecting the population.

" In the future, we want to draw the attention of the leaders of our regional and international partners to the security and well- being of the people of the region, because the government of the DRC has officially recognized all the armed groups that continue to kill and displace citizens, " he said.

They claimed that government forces and their allies attacked their positions, which led to the displacement of innocent civilians.

They concluded by stressing their commitment to a peaceful resolution and dialogue without the use of weapons, and said that they will not stop defending themselves against any form of aggression.

" M23 has reiterated its commitment to a peaceful resolution of the ongoing conflict through direct dialogue with the DRC government. In addition, M23 will continue to defend itself and protect the peaceful population and its assets in the controlled area, " the letter concluded.

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