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Mobile Money Account Hackers Secrets

The security of one's account has become very difficult nowadays with various scammers devising ways to steal from people. Many people are receiving calls of people pretending to be working with the leading mobile telecommunication companies.

They start by introducing themselves as customer cares of the telcos then tells you that there is a problem with your line . They then ask you your personal details including your ID number then pretends to be confirming. If you cooperate with them you end up loosing your money and your access to the line as well .

These conmen have been targeting mostly the elderly people. They have stolen from alot of unsuspecting parents. Some have lost hundreds of thousands of shillings. People should be aware of the official customer care number so that they can identify it from the others.

The telecommunication companies should also aid in blocking those numbers which have been reported to have defrauded people. So many Kenyans have lost their hard earned money.

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