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What happens when you Exercise with a face mask on

The World Health Organization(WHO) does not recommend wearing a mask during exercise because it may limit ventilation and impair oxygen levels, causing breathing difficulties, chest tightness and fatigue. Elderly people who wear mask during training risk experiencing life threatening conditions like heart attack.

The Center for Disease Control also suggest that if people cannot wear mask during high intensity activities, they should do the activity where there is adequate ventilation and air exchange like outside or maintain physical distancing.

A study published in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that people react differently to exercise while wearing a face mask. A very active older person may be able to sustain an hour of running in a mask, while a younger person with asthma may not be able to tolerate wearing one at all, even at rest.

Scientific evidence largely supports widespread use of face mask as a strategy to slow the spread of COVID-19. However, some people may have difficulty exercising in a mask, and even among those without adverse effects, wearing a mask while training affects intensity and duration. This may slow down your progress.

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