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"I Slept With my Biological Dad to Get Food, I Also Slept With my Dad-in-law And I Regret it" Faith Says

On an interview with Metha ya Kagoni, Faith (not her real name) has painfully revealed how she slept with her biological father just to get food.

Faith got her first child at teenage and her mother hated her for that. She had brought shame to a perfect Christian family.

Faith's mother denied her food for days until her father intervened but at a cost. Every time her father gave her food, he demanded to sleep with her and she was left with no other solution but to run away.

Faith ran away and got married but this was the worst mistake she ever made. The man she got married to would beat her up and he would not provide.

She was blessed with kids and most of the time they slept hungry until when her father-Inlaw intervened and offered to be giving the kids food but at a cost.

The same thing that happened with her biological father repeated with the father Inlaw, she would sleep with him fir her kids to get food.

Faith claims that she is not sure whether the father to her last born is the husband or her father-Inlaw.

Faith has been left wondering whether she was cursed since no marriage has ever worked for her.

Faith claims that she needs counseling and deliverance because her life turns to worse each and every day.

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