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A lady Borrowed Money For Tattooing Mbosso's Name :On Her Chest.

A young lady by the name Cecelia narratated a story on how she loves Mbosso's songs.

She is a mother of three childre unfortunately two kids died.Cecelia says that she loves Mbosso's songs very much.She says that his music inspires her alot .

She listens to his music time to time, especially when she is down.She went on to tattoo Mbosso's name on her chest.She wanted to prove to people ,especially her friends how much she loves and supports his music.

She is employed in a small business,she went on and ask for an advance of five thousand shillings.To her surprise her money was not enough ,her tattoo was costing twenty thousand shillings this is because it is a big brand.She says that she will pay the remaining balance of fifteen thousand shilling.

Her friends are negative of her tattoo ,they says that she is tattooing for show off and she wants Mbosso to be her lover,Which is not true,all she hopes for is to meet with Mbosso one day.

Content created and supplied by: Takiah (via Opera News )


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