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Are you financially broke but desperately want to express your love? This an article for you

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Yes, love is not always about money and it can't buy love but money can build or break love. Whether you are in a old relationship or recently tied the knot it is important to talk about money. It's the most common cause of stressful relationship. Being financially stable will play a big role in making your relationship successful. Good thing is there are plety of ways ypu can show love without spending money on fancy dates and expensive gifts. There is a few ways:

1. Scavenger hunt. Write clues on pieces of paper then hide them. Your special someone will have to answer to each clue in order to find the next one.

3. Cook for him/her naked. It's weird but it works.

2. Cozy night movie. Secret here is let him/her pick the movie.

3. Hike. Walk through the beautiful scenary as you take selfies.

4. Massages. We all love massages.

5. Help him/her fulfill their fantasies.

6. Randomly text to remind them how you feel bout them.

7. If you know the person so well, create a whole playlist for them.

8. Play some music then dance together. Great love language for telling them you love and care for them without even saying it.

Best love poems are simple and come from the heart. So look them in the eyes and say to them what comes to your heart and mind at once.

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