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The Church and Politics: What Role Does the Church play in Kenya's Politics?

The Church has a very important role to play in the country's political well being. She serves i bring in checks and balances, and through her the voiceless get heard.

The Church has the role of pointing out all social evils and injustices in society. She is the mouthpiece of God who communicates directly to the mortal leaders in any nation.

They are also charged with taking up the responsibility to question and advise the day's government and political leaders about such evils like bribery & corruption, violation of the constitution and any other human rights issues.

The Church also has such obligations like taking part in voting for leaders, which is a means of exercising their civic rights.

Christians also take part in choosing the people who will lead them. They, for example, have ever participated in the changing of 1963 Constitution in 2010.

The Church was the first among other groups that congratulated the president and honourable Raila Odinga for putting aside their differences and coming together to stand up for the peaceful co - existance in Kenya. They ailed the two for minding about the innocent lives of the normal mwananchi.

Nowadays, however, the Church is being accused and jibed and she is said to be taking brown envelopes from these same leaders they elected. The Church is being ignored and is now no more part of the advisors of the government.

In the old testament of the Bible, great religious leaders like Moses, Deborah, Samuel and David played the role of politicians. They took care of both the religious and political welfare of their people.

It's therefore not that easy to divorce religion from the political life of a country. The Church has always voiced their concern over the interests of the people and spoken up for the unprivileged.

The Church has also been involved in praying for the national political and religious leaders. They also take part in national functions like Madaraka day, Jamhuri day and Mashujaa day. They are consulted in such functions to offer prayers.

It's true that the Church continues to speak even after the handshake that took place on the 9th of March, 2018 seem to cause division and disunity between the president and his deputy.

The Church calls for unity and one language within the government that the two are part of. We as Kenyans also yearn for peaceful agreement between the two so as we may experience peaceful Kenya. What is your take on this issue?

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