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Pregnancy period

8 Weird Things Women Do As Soon As They Find Out They're Pregnant

Being pregnant is the best feeling ever. Motherhood is amazing but pregnancy is the most amazing part. The following are the weird things that women do as soon as they find out they are pregnant.

1. Peeing on a pregnancy test stick and showing it to everybody. You will be peeing on a pregnancy test stick which reveals to you that you are going to be a mother for the first time ever. You can even go to an extent of taking pictures of it and sending it to friends or posting it on social media.

2. You start keeping a track of how your body corresponds to. You will go to an extent of monitoring every growth of your baby. This is probably the weirdest thing ever.

3. You start behaving like a child- You keep complaining that you are forgetting something because of baby brains. These days you tend to remember petty things about your baby, but nothing much about anything else.

4. You start using the pregnancy to your advantage. You will not want to do simple house chores like washing dishes, washing clothes or cooking simply because you are pregnant. You will act like a queen for the next 9 months which is not a bad thing either.

5. You start speculating as how your baby will look like. You will try to claim that the baby resembles you even if it is an ultrasound photo.

6. You become emotional like never before. During pregnancy, it feels like someone has turned on the tears tap in your eyes and you can't stop crying. The hormones are very high during pregnancy which leads one to be emotional.

7. You start jotting down names. You spend most of the time contemplating which name will suit your baby boy or girl the best.

8. You keep posting pregnancy and baby stuff. Your social media platforms will be full of pregnancy stuff or baby stuff. Mommy posts are the ones that flood your wall.

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