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MP Reveals Raila's Huge Dilemma As He Predicts Doom For Ruto Over What Mt. Kenya May Soon Do

MP Makali Mulu claimed that Raila is saying that he is still consulting because he needs to make a decision on whether he will be a presidential candidate based on demands from different regions in the country. Mulu also stated that what most potential presidential candidates are doing is having their teams ready so that when they have a chance to be a candidate they do not start planning then. He added that in One Kenya Alliance at the end of the day, the candidate will have to be one person.

On the other hand, MP Sawa Tandaza said that he does not think that there is much that will come from President Uhuru on Pandora Papers expose when he is back from the United Kingdom. He asked in any case how many times has he promised that he will give some information and it doesn't happen?

Tandaza also claimed that Mount Kenya is a special economic zone as they have had the presidency since independence. He added that they will be voting to protect their wealth unlike regions like Kwale and Matuga. MP Tandaza also said that he will be surprised if Mount Kenya people do not come up with their own presidential candidate. He declared that one needs resources and numbers to be a serious presidential candidate and for the the Mount Kenya region it is resourced.

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