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'Mungu Ni Nani, Akacheza Kama Yeye' Karen Nyamu Makes This Confession About Her Child With Samidoh

Karen Nyamu. [Photo | Courtesy]

Controversial city politician Karen Nyamu has opened up on her life as a mother after she was blessed with a second child. Karen Nyamu made headlines after it was realized that the father of her son was popular vernacular singer Samidoh. Samidoh at the time was married and therefore the child was born out of wedlock.

Despite the criticism and controversy surrounding her relationship with her baby daddy, Karen Nyamu seems to be enjoying motherhood, if her recent post is anything to go by. The city politician revealed how her life changed after giving birth to her son.

Karen Nyamu with Samidoh. [Photo | Courtesy]

According to Karen Nymu, she is yet to come to terms with the fact that she has a son. She claimed that it was too good to be real that she is a mother of two. She further described her son as a love letter from God adding that God had given her a purpose through the child. She went ahead to express her gratitude for motherhood and quoted Bible verses that showed how blessed she was.

The politician was, however, extremely careful not to touch on the sensitive topic of her son's fatherhood. She did not give details of the relationship between her son and his father.

A screenshot of Karen Nyamu's social media post. [Photo | Courtesy]

"Sometimes when I look at my children I don't believe I have my son. It's still surreal and too good to be true! Who can relate? The beauty of life is how unpredictable it is. There are pleasant surprises in all our journeys. My son is a love letter from God to me, a testament of God's love and purpose in my life. Kweli His ways are not our ways. (Isiah 55:8-9)," Karen Nyamu stated.

"I am so grateful to be a mummy of 2. I was always thinking to myself, Karen you're too much woman to have just one child haha! Mungu ni nani, akacheza kama yeye! Let me hear your testimonies pia😄 it's a beautiful Sunday," she added.

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