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Reason Why Lilian Muli Covers Her Forehead

Lilian Muli is one among the most brilliant and celebrated media journalists working with citizen television as a news anchor.

The brilliant kamba lady has been through alot in her life to a point that she had to confess as one time following her two divorces which left her a single mum of two.

The celebrated media journalist has been in most cases seen covering her forehead despite the fact that most of the female journalists usually go for a change of the hairstyle for public domain with Lilian Muli's case being a different one.

Having a close look at the beautiful citizen TV's siren, Lilian Muli you will notice that her left side of the forehead just above the eye is usually covered with the a wig and using the same hair design. This however seems that she's been doing so for quit a while even before joining the media, evident from her past photos.

With much still to tell from her story, word has it that Lilian Muli was involved in a deadly accident that seriously injured her leaving her with a permanent scar on her left side of the forehead.

However, the scar seems to be so bad that forces her to cover her face throughout with her wig hair.

Below are some of Lilian Muli's photo covering her forehead;

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