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Five Things to Look Out For When Employing a Domestic Help

Many people who have jobs or are not at home most of the time, employ the services of a domestic help in order for their children to be prepared for various activities.

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Being busy all the time can require that you get a domestic help who will help with the chores at home as well as getting the children ready for school.

This important aspect of day to day activities is why you need a domestic help who will serve you properly without ever having resorted to extreme means like we have seen on Television in most cases.

So, below are thee five things that you need to look out for when hiring a help:

Recommendation From Previous Employer

It's imperative to ensure that you get to hear from her previous employer on what the character of the help was at that other house.

Find out why she was fired or why she had to leave that place of employment.


This is an issue for most employers as some want a young help but others an old one.

Whatever the case, employ someone who still has strength but is not underage.

General Appearance

The appearance of the help when you first meet them speaks volumes on what they will be upto in your home.

You need someone who dresses decently and looks neat for the sake of your home.

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You need a domestic help that can communicate with your children and yourself well.

Many have made the mistake of employing a help that does not speak English or Swahili well and this has been disastrous.


What kind of skills does the domestic help come armed with as this will be essential in the long run.

It's imperative that you get a domestic help who is able to either cook, clean and have other skills that are essential.

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