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Why You Should Visit the Aberdares National Park

Are you looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi and get a place you can do some outdoor activities that help you re-energize? Aberdare National park is characterised by open moorland and steep forested ravines giving it a picturesque beauty making it your ideal gateway place.

Visit the Aberdare and enjoy the following activities:


Enjoy the most breath taking terrains and fill your lungs with fresh air. Enjoy seeing the scenery.  Treat your eyes to the sight of plant species, such giant lobelia, groundsels and others, which can be found in the sheltered valleys. Also, you can enjoy the sight of the beautiful waterfalls.


Climb to the twin hills , Table mountains and the Elephant hills. Some parts of the Aberdare National Park walking trail are covered by a canopy of towering bamboo, the trail levels off and the Bamboo thins out as you get to the alpine zone, characterized by the stunning array of outlandish flora that leads you to see spectacular Karuru waterfalls.

Elephant Hill Aberdares Day Hike - Africa Outdoors Ltd

Animal Watching.

The park boasts of having the second largest number of black rhinos which are famous endangered species today.Also found here are leopards, African elephants, cape buffalos, bush bucks, golden cats, side stipped jakals, bongo antelopes, Sykes monkeys among others.

You also get to enjoy watching birds with over 290 birds species that can be sighted here.

Aberdare National Park - Kenyan Safaris


Enjoy catching trouts in the spectacular ice cold Guru Karuru and Chania Rivers.

Mt Kenya National Park Fishing Day Trip | Lake Rutundu Trout Fish | Fishing  trip, Fishing tours, Trip


Enjoy overnight camping in the moorlands.

Aberdare Cottages and Fishing Lodge

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