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Time will tell if Stars are capable to qualify after today crash against Mali.

Kenya is in preparation to host Mali today on world cup qualifications, despites a big loss of 5-0 that they recorded on their last game.

The fans at large are worried if Harambe stars will record a win today. Stars players are on their worst, following Victor Wanyama's retirement. The country's hopes now remains to Michael Olunga desipites a good number of some players being in their poor form.

The country will host Mali today at 3:30 PM East Africa time. Since a good number of Mali players are on their best,Mali's chances of winning today's game is extremely high as compared to that of Kenya.

Kenya to win today's game on World Cup qualifications,will be a big move in group E since the country will have time again to deffend itself. Today all the eyes will be on Stars game hoping that the players will try to their level best.

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