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Signs That God Is Just About to Bless You.

God prepares us for His blessings in ways we cannot understand. To us we might we are being tortured and we tend to complain alot. We therefore should be able to design his strategies and acknowledge them.

1. He removes us from harmful people, places and things.

God cannot sow seeds in unclean soil. Therefore before bringing you into his presence He first cleanse you from your sins.

He removes people in your life that causes damage to your heart. Therefore if you reach at a point you friends leave you , know that God is preparing you for something great. You might not know how harmful those friends would have been to your life but God alone does. In such circumstances give thanks and glory to Him.

2. He allows temptation to us.

Temptation are meant to strengthen our faith in God. Before showering us with his blessings, God wants to make sure that we are close to him and be able to hold our arms.

If God blesses us before preparing us , in most cases we will miss or misuse the blessings.

3. He allows us to go through painful seasons.

We face though situations that even we cry day and night and praying for a turn in our lives. This is a sign that God is preparing us for a breakthrough. Keep in mind than pruning can be very hard painful.

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