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Home Exercises: Make Bigger Arms In 30 Days

Are you tired of wearing loosing t-shirts when you go outdoors ?

If you have been training for a while and maybe you have made up some decent gains in your exercises but still you notice one problem: your arms aren't big enough. Then try to include these exercises that I have mentioned below and you will start to see some decent result within a month.

But just like any exercise, consistency is the key. Amazing results does not come overnight, you will have to work hard before you achieve any results.

The good thing is that you can do do this exercise even at home.

The arm is made up of 3 main muscles which are the biceps, triceps, and brochialis. So, by doing these exercise you will target all the three muscles.

Chair dips

This is a very good exercise to target all the three tricpers heads.

To do this exercise, take a chair and place your hands at the edge of the chair, make sure are palms are facing downwards.

Now strech your legs and start to go down. Make sure you don't go too far down. Bend your elbows and make sure you that they match with your shoulder width-part.

Now go down and pause for one second then go up.

Repeat this exercise for three rounds and in each round do 10 repetitions.

Chin ups

Chin up is a great exercise to target your biceps.

To do this exercise, you will to grab a metal bar like shown in the picture above.

After grabbing the metal bar, now contract you bicep muscles and raise yourself up until you chin touches the bar then come down slowly.

Make sure you don't swing during the movement.

Now, repeat that exercise for three rounds with 10 repetitions in each round and pause for one minute in each round.

Diamond push-ups

This is a good exercise to target the long of your triceps.

To do this exercise, place your hands on the floor with your palms facing downwards and strech your legs with your toes touching the floor like shown in the picture above.

Now, place your arms closer and make a diamond shape with your fingers.

Bend your elbows until they are in a 90 degrees position. Pause for a second then go up and repeat again.

Do that movement for 3 rounds with 10 repeatitons in each round.

Combine these exercises and do them for 4 times in a week for 1 month.

Try to focus on mind-muscle connection when doing these exercises and you will achieve some decent results on your hands within a month.

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