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Documents Required During TSC Interview for an Intern

Documents Required to Proof Internship to Earn 30 Marks

Unlike last year this year TSC was so generous to allocate 30 marks for internship. The commission was intending to give intern teachers highest priority in this upcoming recruitment. 30 marks will make them more far than even those who have stayed for a long period since graduation.

However for these intern teachers to earn 30 marks they need to show the following documents at the interview.


Seniour intern are teachers who were hired in the year 2020 and were not able to secure parmanent jobs. They were though previledged to extend their contract for one more year. During interview the following documents will be produced;

1. Three Pay slips for year 2020 and 2021 Duly certified by the principal of your current station of work.

2. Recommendation letter from Head of The Institution you were interned.

3. Two letters(Extension letter and Letter of Offer) from the County Director TSC detailing when you were contracted.

Junior interns

These are Intern teachers who were hired the year 2021. They are also too required to produce the following during interview

1. Three payslips for 2020, ( all original) duly certified by the principal.

2.Recommendation Letter from Head of the institution where you were interned

3. Letter of offer from county Director TSC detailing when you were contracted.

Therefore I remind all the intern teachers to remember to carry this document with then during interview.

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