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Gladys Shollei Reveals The Only Reason Why The Hustler Movement Will Continue To Disrespect Uhuru

Hon. Gladys Shollei has hinted that If upholding the constitution is disrespecting the President, then we should disrespect him because he also has an Obligation to follow the constitution of Kenya.

Gladys Shollei is deputy president William Ruto's strong ally and she is record alleging that deputy president William Ruto should be respected by his boss president Uhuru Kenyatta because there is nothing wrong for him to try to succeed him come 2022.

One of the responsibilities of president Uhuru Kenyatta is to make sure that the constitution of Kenya is uphold and not to try to amend the constitution by any means. Do you agree with Hon. Gladys Shollei that the hustler movement will continue to disrespect president Uhuru Kenyatta if upholding the constitution is disrespect to him.

In my opinion the president must not be disrespected by any individual just because of political difference. Because that is like undermining the power of the president.

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