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Kings Of Trash Talking In Football And How It Helps Them To Win Matches

Football is a game that can be settled on the pitch but some try to frustrate the opponent by talking trash making them lose their temper. There is one golden rule in football, frustrate the opponent and win the match!

In this article, we are going to name the Kings of trash talking in football.

1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The Swedish international is the master of talking trash and can even pick a fight so that he can frustrate you. A good example is during his stay at LA Galaxy in the MSL. He told Onuoha that he will do him and kick the hell out of him. During the match, he hurt him and scored the 78th match winner.

"I like being activated on the pitch. That's when I play good when someone makes me angry." Said the 38 old Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Also, one day he said that he always likes taking the hardest of all challenges!

2. Jose Mourinho

How could The Special One miss out of this list? Absolutely he couldn't! Mourinho is known for his talking trash during the interviews. It's one of his strengths.

Once at Real Madrid, he even told Barcelona's coach French Rijkaard to field his strongest line up and he will win. The Portuguese frustrated Guardiola and destroyed the Catalan's tiki taka.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese talisman is among the greatest players in the football world. His trash talking helped Real Madrid to stun their town rivals in the Champions League by scoring a ha trick.

Also, he frustrated Koke after he abused him. He told Koke that he has money. Also during his span in Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo frustrated Atletico Madrid after losing 2-0 in Spain. The second leg in Turin he scored a hat trick and rold them to calm down. He even used Diego Simeone's celebration style!

4. Gerrard Pique

Another disaster when it comes to mind games and trash talking. Pique revealed to the world in 2018 via Tribuna that he created a Whatsapp group for Spanish players from Real and Barca.

The aim of that group was to troll each other. His famous chant is to their town rivals, Espanyol. He refused to call them Espanyol Barcelona and Pique went too far "My budget this year is bigger than Espanyol!"

5. Megan Rapinoe

One of the best female footballer in the US women team. Her famous exchange of words was with former US President, Donald Trump. Rapinoe turned down an invitation to the White House in 2019.

Trump took on twitter" Rapinoe talks too much. Win the World Cup first before you talk. Finish the job!" The US women team won the World Cup and being asked to visit the White House, she again, turned down the offer by talking trash!

6. Emiliano Martinez

The Argentine will shock you. He has unique penalty saving skills and that is trash talking. He made Yeri Mina to miss his penalty by telling him "Today I will eat you up, just take your kick. Am going to eat you alive!" Guess what? The Columbian defender missed his penalty and Martinez told him to dance as he usually did!

The recent action was against Manchester United just last weekend as Aston Villa won 1-0 at the Old Trafford. Bruno Fernandes stepped up to take the penalty but Emiliano told Fernandes to leave it to Ronaldo.

He wanted to prove him wrong! Fernandes failed to convert the penalty by missing the target. Martinez uses his trash talking to frustrate his opponents.

Who is missing on this list? Comment below and let me know !

Content created and supplied by: SoccerAnalyst (via Opera News )

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