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Man Charged For Threatening Police Officers At Public Rally

Nairobi's Eastlands neighborhood, a 32-year-old man was detained after reportedly insulting president William Ruto and challenging police to detain him.

Shandrack Omondi Orwa was accused of violating Section 95 (1) of the Criminal Code by causing a disturbance that was likely to lead to a breach of order (b).

Mr. Omondi was accused of yelling and saying to police officers on patrol in the area, " "we'll protest... there are very few police officers... they will get hurt)". Mr.Omondi let out

Following his attendance at a Bunge La Mwananchi gathering at the grounds on March 3, this year, Mr. Orwa was additionally charged with participating in an unlawful assembly in violation of Section 79 of the Penal Code.

By threatening to stone the police officers monitoring the area, the suspect and other suspects at large are accused of inciting the public to act violently against them. Like, comment and share.

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