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Beautiful Photos Of Houses Built Using Glass Bottles

Houses play a vital role in human life. They are used for storing valuable items. Houses also provides shelter to humans and prevents health problems brought about by harsh weather conditions like storms, heavy rainfalls, snowfalls etc.

Many people use different materials for constructing their houses. They can either use bricks, concrete blocks or timber. However, with recent technological advancement, people have started building their houses using glass bottles. Instead of cutting down trees or making bricks and concrete blocks, recycled glass bottles are used to make the structures of the house.

Glass bottle building technology involves using glass bottles as masonry units and binding them using any joint compound such as adobe, sand, stucco, clay, plaster morth or cement.

Use of glass bottles is in masonry works is very cheap compared to bricks and blocks. In addition, collection of glass bottles as building materials also helps in promoting environmental sustainability. Below are the photos of houses built using glass bottles.

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