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Presidential Coalitions That Can Win The 2022 Elections[Opinion]

The 2022 elections are anxiously being awaited with prior preparations underway. The Presidential post is the most coveted with several aspirants lining up for the process.

For several occasions, there have been experienced reshuffling in the aspirant groups. Similarly, there's a possibility of the formation of other coalitions. Below are the possible coalitions that might emerge.


This might sound awkward but,politics is always about playing the cards right. Previously, Ruto was attached to Raila Odinga before shifting to Uhuru's side thus overturning Raila-Kalonzo combination.

Should the triangle above be formed,then it'll have more irresistible power on the ballot.


Musalia Mudavadi can be a threat if he finds a reliable backup but if he continues being independent then he'll just remain a participant and not a competitor.

Should he form a union with the likes of Raila who are the current political patriarchs then they can effectively mount productive pressure. With the hibernative Kalonzo inclusive then expect a stiff coalition.


Since Ruto is capable of fetching good populations of people due to his aggressiveness and oratory prowess, being close to Mudavadi will be an added strength. Being just a deputy president vying for the first-time,he's a mile ahead of numerous politicians in Kenya and seems to be threat to the opponents.

What other combinations can you propose to go for presidency in the oncoming elections? Drop your opinions in the comments section.

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