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Kanini Kega's Message to DP Ruto Was True, Kiunjuri Admits, Sends Raila Odinga a Coded Message

ODM party leader is slated to fire his fifth presidential shot in the next nine or so months, will he hit the marked target? presumably, presumably not. Though anti-Raila crusaders are of the latter opinion, his stalwarts are of a strong conviction that 2022 will be a Raila Moment and this they are working hard to actualize.

Of those pulling their bootstraps to ensure that the fifth Head of State has Raila Amollo Odinga for names is Kieni Member of Parliament (MP) Kanini Kega. The avid pro-handshake crusader is helping Agwambo to climb and conquer Mt Kenya politically.

Speaking weeks ago, Kega confidently affirmed that Ruto's populace in the region is rapidly diminishing as Baba's grow exponentially. In the previous elections, Raila was a persona non grata in the area but his historic handshake with Jomo Kenyatta's son has made him a darling to area residents.

Speaking mid this week, The Service Party (TSP) leader Mwangi Kiunjuri echoed Kanini Kega's words citing that Jakom is slowly edging the self-declared Chief Hustler from apex of Mt Kenya politics. Ruto has crowned self as the region's kingpin and he is basing his 2022 ambitions on the region.

Assuming Kiunjuri's discourse holds political waters, then DP Ruto is threading on a dangerous path and soon, his Statehouse-bound train will he impounded actualizing Murathe's pro-Raila prophecy. Mt Kenya is a vote-rich hub with a midas touch and with their backing, Raila will be unstoppable a force.

In his prophetic peep, Jubilee Party (JP) vice-chair David Murathe forewarned pro-Ruto brigade to brace themselves for a rounded beating from Jakom whom he believes will give Samoei a run for his resources, as it seems, all is bound to pass. Who will save William?

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