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Zora: Zalena Faints After The Bad News About Her Husband

In today's episode Zalena will be sitting with her two sons, Kwame and Madiba. They are much worried about the missing of their father,Oliver.

Lorreta will come shouting asking Zalena to tell her about the where about of her brother. Zalena tells her she don't know but she is more concerned about her husband and should stop asking her such questions. Kwame tells Lorreta to stop pressuring his mother but Lorreta warns him to never interrupt her while talking.

Later Kwame will receive a call and gets news of the death of Oliver and his body found at construction site. Kwame will be in shock then he tells the other family members. Loretta will cry asking Kwame if it's true.

Zalena will faint after the bad news of his husband. Yola will take care of her as the others run to the construction site.

At the construction site Lorreta will be shouting his brothers name and demands to see his body but she is stopped.

Detective will start his investigations while Lorreta is crying so painful about the death of his brother.

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