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A Sad Day For Kenyans As They Mourn The Retirement Of One Of The Best Secular Musician in Kenya

Jua Cali took to his Instagram page to announce this unfortunate news. He thanked his fans for loving, accepting and relating to his music. The genge tone artist went further to explain that the decision was well thought of. He stated that due to Covid-19, he has been unable to perform. This is because of the social distance restrictions and curfew. He thanked the Music Industry for also giving him a chance to grow. He said that it's time he moved on and started a new chapter in his life. He revelaed that he has been in the music industry for 20 years now.

Fans went ahead to congratulate him on this new path he was about to take. Others went ahead to state that the musician was fooling Kenyans since its April Fools Day. Other fans aired their grievances on his sudden retirement rumors. Most said that they will miss him. However, most of his fans were open to the idea of him pursuing a different path other than music.

Below are screenshots of what his fans had to say about the announcement.

Jua Kali might be serious about this, on the other hand, he might be fooling Kenyams. Comment down below on what you think.

Jua Cali [Image|Courtesy].

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